Nourish your inner WILD THING

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Nourish your inner WILD THING


Delicious Superfood Smoothies Handcrafted to Nourish and Energise you Daily.

The best way to improve and sustain your overall health and wellbeing long term is to introduce a few small, daily healthy habits at a time - which is exactly why we believe in the power of a daily green smoothie!
Our superfood smoothies include nothing more than a rainbow of market-fresh, locally sourced plant-based produce and are made with a lot of love. So you know you’re getting a lot of goodness in one bottle.
Nourish your inner wild thing and try one of our clean, nutrient dense drinks today.


Our smoothies contain a range of superfoods which are nutrient powerhouses. The benefits of superfoods are numerous; from helping to slow the aging process, to boosting immune and metabolic function.


Our smoothies are made with whole fruit and vegetables so they include both the juice and the fibre. This fibre helps with weight loss, controls blood sugar levels, and keeps your digestive system in good working order.

100% natural

Our smoothies contain no hidden additives or preservatives – what you see is what you get. Our smoothies are carefully created to ensure maximum nourishment.

Increase the amount of living fruit and veg in your daily diet

Why is this important? Fruit and vegetables contain a range of essential vitamins and phytonutrients that are necessary to to keep us healthy, happy and prevent chronic illness. The food we eat has a profound effect on our bodies, more than many of us realise. The old saying “you are what you eat” is very true as the food we consume literally filters itself all the way down to our individual cells and can impact how our genes act – almost like an on/off switch. This can have an effect on a variety of things such as weight, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and type 2 diabetes . The quality of food we eat is critical to ensure we’re keeping our bodies clean and in the best working order possible, so make sure you’re including enough raw living fruit and vegetables in your diet today.


Cold Pressurised

We apply a technology called cold pressurisation or High Pressure Processing (HPP) to our smoothies which is the application of cold water pressure greater than the deepest point in the ocean. >>